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Ideas to Beautify your Home With Ease

June 11, 2015

I love the philosophy of “no rules” decorating.  Some of the most beautiful, inspiring spaces I’ve spent time in have a little edge.  Something I haven’t seen before, a piece that “I wouldn’t have put that there” or an arrangement that is a little off…it pushes the space over the top.  In a good way.

However, a tasteful dose of cohesiveness allows your home to exhale.  It’s like the part in the roller coaster ride where you unstick your head from the back rest and take in your surroundings.  With no textural, color or material cohesion, you or your guests may feel a bit scattered.  Not what you want.

For me, I have a mental list of what I want my whole home to FEEL like.  Everything I buy, I want it to fit that mood.  There are also a few colors that find their way into every room in the house.  One might have more of a presence in one room over another, but I can walk through the house and see a semblance of order.

Gallery walls

I’m a fan.  Such a personal and bold way of displaying a grouping or collection.  Placing a group together keeps your eye from feeling like your collection exploded throughout the house.  When I walk up the stairs to my “museum”, I smile.  That’s what you want.

It’s also a low risk-easy reward way to make a statement in a room without breaking the bank or permanently disrupting the structure of your house.

Life is too short to have anxiety about a hole the size of a mustard seed.  There’s always putty and spackle.  Be fearless my friend!

Yellow Gallery Wall Ideas to Beautify your Home with Ease Found and Forged NW

Yellow toned gallery wall in our dining room

Yellow Gallery Wall Ideas to Beautify your Home with Ease Found and Forged NW

Blue toned gallery wall in the hallway

Grouping vs Clutter

My momma (and her momma before her) preached on the “rule of threes”.  Maybe it has its basis in feng shui? Don’t know.  Feng shui has actually always perked my interest…another time perhaps.  But I get bunged up when I see a dresser top with two lone items.  It screams for a third.  Or heck, add three more and make it a five.  That works well too.

Found and Forged NW Ideas to Beautify Your Home Freely: Grouping vs. Clutter

Doesn’t it look like the cows are grazing on the bluff?  3 pieces, all varying in height allow the eye to settle.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

Found and Forged NW Ideas to Beautify Your Home Freely: Rule of Threes

 Here we have two pieces- the antlers and the graphic candle.  However, the mirror acts as the third piece in the vignette.


Add dimension and interest to a monochromatic display or room with differing textures.  This especially applies to textiles, but I love seeing a room or display with wood, metal, cable-knit and French linens.  It works.

Try it first with your couch.  Pick a coordinating color.  Find 1-135 throw blankets with that color scheme, they don’t have to be exact, but blend.  And I’m kidding/not kidding on the throw blanket thing.  I truly believe one can never pull out enough throw blankets during a Chai tea conversation with a friend. The only disclaimer is that they have to FEEL good if they are on the couch.  Homegoods and TJ Maxx are my all-time fav blanket stores.  $15-$25 per blanket.  A great thing to ask for for gifts too.

Found and Forged NW Ideas to Beautify Your Home Freely: Throw Blankets

Or heck, knit it yourself!

Then, hunt for different size and textured throw pillows.  Or thrift seemingly ugly (but oh-so-cheap) pillows and find a cover that woos you.  Etsy is a great choice.  I am loving Seattle local Cushion Cut Decor.  This cover in particular is calling my name:

Found and Forged NW Ideas to Beautify Your Home Freely: Cushion Cut Decor Pillow cover

Etsy $20.50, buy it here: Santa Maria Desert Flower Cover

 Or buy some fabric (thrift stores are an awesome source for scarp fabric) and stitch up a cover right quick:

The Blissful Bee DIY Pillow Cover Tutorial

You can always take your purchases back.  Or, if you thrift, you’re only out a few buck-a-roos!

If you are anything like me, you have to visually see it in your home to make the final decision.

Give it a whirl!

Comment below and add a photo of something in your home that follows the “no rules” decorating path!  We’d all love to be inspired…


xo Jordan

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