June 18, 2015

I’m so grateful and honored to introduce you to my friend and fellow creator/entrepreneur, Brittany Hallin.  Brittany hails from Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks!) via Portland, Oregon, which is where she and I met and danced together on the high school dance team.  Woot!

Brittany is a blogger herself and I was immediately struck by her strong sense of voice in her writing, design and photography.  I was thrilled when she launched her Etsy shop, Pine + Fawn, and filled it with her beautiful and simplistic watercolor creations.  I now have one hanging in my home, have given one as a gift and am looking for the next spot in my living room to hang another!  Her work speaks to me and it hails from the PNW.

On to Brittany!

Pine + Fawn Antlers

Pine + Fawn Watercolor, buy this print here

Brittany, would you tell us all a little bit about what makes you tick?  


I am a Portland, Oregon native about to graduate from the University of Oregon in Advertising and Journalism. I am constantly inspired by and swooning over the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. To describe myself in a nutshell, I’m a lover of minimalist wall decor, Costco 4 lb. packs of strawberries, hopeless attempts at inverted yoga, my yellow lab Charlie, going to embarrassing lengths to Instagram meals, red nail polish, and narwhals.


How did your Etsy shop get started?  What about your blog?


After letting several school projects pile up, I was about to boil over from stress. In attempt to momentarily flee from anxiety, I began watercoloring. I paint often, but on this particular evening I was feeling inspired. After concepting several new designs and posting a simple snap of them on my personal Instagram, a few friends messaged me asking if they could commission some paintings. My cousin was the one who suggested I create  an Etsy account. So that night, despite several looming unwritten essays, Pine + Fawn went live. The next morning I awoke to my first order. This all happened within a span of 24 hours!


Pine + Fawn PNW

Pine + Fawn Watercolor, buy this print here

What is it that keeps you going?  What do you enjoy most about doing all of this?


Being a full time student, it’s hard to find a balance between passion projects, career pursuits, and, well, life! But I think the important thing to remember is that passion projects are the homework of life–as cheesy as that sounds–and sometimes they should take precedent over the more mundane tasks in life. It’s rewarding in itself to do something you love, but when you find that other people share a love for what you’re doing, it’s both empowering and humbling. I’m constantly overwhelmed by all of the friends who support Pine + Fawn and have gone out of their way to help promote the shop.


What do you hope people will feel/think when they read your blog or buy one of your pieces?


I hope they will appreciate the fact they are supporting a small business rooted in humble beginnings while also adopting a new little piece of art inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Ultimate success would mean they are inspired to pursue a passion project of their own–even without a larger entrepreneurial agenda! It will inevitably lead to something nothing short of wonderful.


Any advice you can give a fellow blogger, crafter and/or entrepreneur to help them find their way?  What do you wish you had known earlier on?


I think sometimes we limit ourselves by how we chose to define our success. I’ve always been told to take time to do the things you love and some degree of success or reward will inevitably follow. Pine + Fawn has made it apparent how true that statement is. In all honesty, Pine + Fawn does not necessarily pay rent, but it’s become this beautiful fusion of creating art (something I love) that provides me with some additional financial support–to me, that’s success.


And, the burning question, where can we buy your art?  And how can we stay connected with you on your blog or otherwise?


My shop Pine + Fawn lives on Etsy. I sell a number of original pieces and have options for custom creations as well! I love collaborating with others and am always open to new ideas for pieces if someone has a vision. I post a lot of new pieces, inspiration, and other P+F related content on my shop’s Instagram under the handle @pineandfawn.

Pine + Fawn Wreath

Pine + Fawn Watercolor, buy this print here


Lovely.  I’m off to buy another watercolor!  Thanks so much for sharing with us Brittany!

Have a question for Brittany?  Feel free to stop over at her blog or website or leave a comment here and I’ll get it to her!


xo Jordan

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