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What’s selling?

July 20, 2015

Top of the morning friends!

Before I get into the meat of today’s topic, I’d like to pause briefly and honor my beautiful friend Amanda’s beautiful wedding on a beautiful night last night…simplistic and chic decor + a gorgeous PNW setting + too much love for one room to hold = a touching and God-honoring night.

What's Selling?  Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com


What's Selling?  Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com


What's Selling?  Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com


What's Selling? Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

Forgive the cell phone quality pics, but that’s how it rolls sometimes!  Can’t you see the love in Amanda’s eyes?  And those roses? Uh. Yes please.  Luke and I were honored to be a part of the day and preparation leading up to it!

Now, on to business.

This (official) post is two-fold.  I want to address my fellow resellers and entrepreneurs in the house and share what pieces have been working for me from a sales perspective.  I also want to allow my “customer readers” a chance to see behind the curtain.  When you know what is selling most quickly for a retailer, you can know what to snatch up quickly when it comes up!  It also helps to know what’s on trend in the vintage world and to decorate accordingly.

I know I appreciate, as a reseller, hearing what other vendors are successfully selling.  It does depend on season, location, client base, etc. but I like to at least hear if I’m in the ballpark.  I can speak from my experience and say the following won’t stay in my shop long:

1.  Anything with wheels

  • Versatility:  people love that they can wheel a cart from the kitchen into the dining room during a dinner party or a desk from the living room into a bedroom with little to no heavy lifting.
  • Industrial look: I am selling carts, dressers and tables made from wood, metal or wire mesh

Found and Forged NW Industrial Cart

  • Additional storage:  Anything with possibilities for chic additional storage is a huge selling point and can raise the price point

Case in point- I (read my dear ma and pa) bought this piece for my own abode (birthday money baby!) and it just speaks to me.  I saw it and bought it within 10 minutes.  In all honesty, the fact that it has wheels made the sale for me.  Also, I love that it is FROM Faded Elegance and that the joy this desk/bookshelf combo brought me came by a fellow vendor!

Found and Forged NW: A weathered oak table with a matching bookshelf...on wheels!

A weathered oak table with a matching bookshelf…my new “blogging” spot.
Notice how well this is displayed and styled?
Beautiful work Michelle (A fellow vendor in Space #3 at Faded Elegance)!

2.  Wood crates and boxes

  • Caveat, need to be reasonably priced to sell quickly.  I am seeing $10-$25 goes fast.
  • Graphic wording is an added bonus

Found and Forged NW: Wood crates and tin boxes

3.  Mirrors

  • Medium to large size are what leave the shop and what I hear people looking for when they come in
  • Industrial (wood or metal) or ornate design- it has to feel special either in color or design for someone to stop their hunt, pull the trigger and buy the piece.

Found and Forged NW: Ornate, Anthropologie inspired mirror

4.  Small tables

  • White.  Gosh, it feels like that Portlandia sketch, “Put a Bird On It”- paint it white and it will sell.
  • Anything from tiny pop-up tables to coffee tables is selling for me
  • I am sticking with either painted white (or another popular color like teal, mint or grey), solid wood, or industrial carts

What's Selling?  Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

5.  Dressers

  • Pretty much any size, people are simply looking for storage with character
  • White or a neutral color (grey, black, soft pastels, but mostly white)
  • Dressers sell at FE for anywhere between $69-$500 depending on size and uniqueness.  I have decided (depending on what I buy the original piece for) to sell at price points between $89 – $129 for dressers.  This enables me to get my money’s worth out of the piece, a customer goes home with a great deal, and my inventory flips more quickly…which almost always equals higher sales at the end of the month.

What's Selling?  Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

Anything you are currently looking for for your home?  Anything you can’t keep enough stocked of in your space?

Happy hunting and selling!

xo Jordan

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  • Lauren July 20, 2015 at 1:40 PM

    Hi. If I’d known you were at the wedding last night I would have talked in your ear for a long time. I just didn’t make the connection.
    Anyway thanks for the information here today. All of it is good to know.

  • Jordan July 25, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    Hi Lauren! So good to hear from you! Shoot. I would have loved to chat with you! Is vintage home/reselling/thrifting up your alley too??

  • Michelle August 17, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    Thanks for the love Jordan, you’re a doll! I’m so glad you got the desk & book case!

    • Jordan August 20, 2015 at 10:55 AM

      Michelle! You found the blog! 🙂 Man, I love my bookcase/desk combo. One of my very favorite pieces in the house! See ya in Snoho my friend!

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