Top 3 Magazines Worth Subscribing Found and Forged NW

Top 3 Inspiring Magazines Worth the Subscription

August 6, 2015

Ah Pinterest.  How I love you.  I really do.  I have found such inspiration in your endless supply of gorgeous home designs, garden layouts, baby shower themes and craft ideas.  However, you can’t replace that Christmas-time feeling I get each time I pick up that new, real paper magazine that comes in the mail each month.  It still gets me!

Physically flipping through the pages and turning down the ones with articles and ideas I want to remember?  Still so much more satisfying than clicking a mouse.

If you are anything like me, you love to look at beautiful layout, get new thoughts on how to succeed at a craft show and how to decorate on the cheap.  You also want easy, yet soul-appeasing, weekend getaway ideas and hole-in-the-wall eateries to try.  So, for you my friends…

Here are my top 3 magazine subscriptions (that I personally get I might add) that I feel are worth subscribing to:

1.  Sunset


Top 3 Inspiring Magazine Subscriptions- Sunset Magazine Found and Forged NW

Image via Sunset Magazine

Luke and I have tried many a weekend getaway inspired by an article in Sunset.  It really does feature the quintessential Northwest lifestyle.  Good food, beautiful scenery, outdoor activities but with a healthy dose of luxe relaxation… so many of the reasons we love the PN dubs.

I would say I don’t put them into practice as much as I’d like, but I’m always impressed by the multiple recipes they feature each month.  All use PNW, in-season ingredients and fresh is always the name of the game-makes me want to have a cook-out every night!

AND I dig their home design and decor features.  I think I still goo goo more over Country Living’s home features, but I love the outdoor living, eco style Sunset usually gravitates toward.

$16 for a 12 month subscription

2.  Country Living

Top 3 Inspiring Magazine Subscriptions- Country Living Found and Forged NW

Image via Country Living Magazine

I have distinct memories of my momma reading Country Living Mag at the kitchen table while we were growing up.  The style of the magazine has been refreshed since then for sure, but the nostalgia and the heart beat of the mag is still there.

I swoon over the home design features and the way they mix and match vintage, antique, rustic with fresh, contemporary and easy.  Rarely do I see a room set-up I don’t care for.

I think what sets Country Living apart from other home and lifestyle mags is that they don’t feature the most expensive, high-end goods and decor products.  Who wouldn’t choose a custom, leather couch for a cool $15k?  The highlight salvage, bargain, thrifting, DIY and repurpose to create spaces that are uniquely YOU and don’t break the bank.  Very much up my alley.

$15 for a 12 month subscription

3.  Better Homes and Gardens


Top 3 Magazines Worth Subscribing- Better Homes and Gardens Found and Forged NW

Image via Better Homes and Garden Magazine

I haven’t been subscribing to this one long, but was pleasantly surprised by the inspiration and usefulness of it!  I think I always thought of BH&G as a bit “dated”.  I’m not sure why I thought this, but the thought stuck with me and so I never gravitated toward it.  I got a subscription as a gift a bit back and really enjoyed perusing through the DIY ideas, garden images and home decor layouts.

For me, BH&G uses a lot more color when decorating than Country Living.  Country Living, although I’ve seen some one-off, colorful pieces, tends to stay in the white and natural lane.  BH&G goes for it on the color.  Not my typical style, but I appreciate the wake-up it gives my senses and design aesthetic!  Perhaps a teal arm chair would be just the right pop of color?

The garden section also makes me dream of the day that I too can create a stunning cutting garden and plant succulents up a rock wall to my hearts content!  One day actual yard, one day.

$5.99!! for a 12 month subscription

TIP:  Goodwill many times has magazines for the cheap near the book section… this is a great way to sample a magazine or two without committing to a whole year’s subscription!

What am I missing?  Any magazine subscription you LOVE getting in the mail each month?  Do you subscribe to any of these above?


xo Jordan

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