FEATURED ENTREPRENEUR: Katie and Paige Kolbrick, the Cocobee Blog Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

FEATURED ENTREPRENEUR: Katie and Paige Kolbrick

August 27, 2015

I am so honored to introduce this month’s Featured Entrepreneur on FFNW today…Katie and Paige Kolbrick, the beautiful and talented women behind The Cocobee Blog.  While I was researching blogging and the blogging community, I kept hearing stories of people who, through blogging, met fellow bloggers and developed meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  These ladies were my first glimpse of that truth.

I had met Paige through a dance theater we were both apart of a few years ago, but it wasn’t until we connected via the interwebs again that we realized we shared similar interests, blogging goals and design/shopping aesthetics.  She then introduced me to Katie and we shared a fun-filled and inspiring morning shopping at A Very Vintage Market, taking pics and getting to know one another a bit better.

See the post here.

You will love what these girls do and how they share their hearts via blogging…and so, with great pleasure, here is some insight into my friends from The Cocobee Blog:

Would you each tell us all a little bit about who you are, how you met, what makes you each tick?

We are related! Katie married Paige’s brother, so that makes us sisters-in-law. Katie is the more business-minded, detail oriented half and Paige is the more big-picture, abstract thinking half- we are lucky to have both perspectives on our team! We bond over coffee, our daughters (who are best friends), our creativity and our shared love of all things beautiful. Katie recently started her own photography business, and Paige is a dancer/dance teacher, and we want to share our thoughts, stories, and opinions with you on our blog!

FEATURED ENTREPRENEUR: Katie and Paige Kolbrick, the Cocobee Blog Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

How did your blog get started?

One day we were talking about some different blogs we were reading and we both confessed that we had been secretly considering (separately) starting up a blog. We tossed around the idea of starting one together, but did not seriously consider it a real possibility until we talked about the concept for our hypothetical blog a few weeks later over coffee during a photo shoot. After a short period of time where we both waffled back and forth again and again over whether or not we wanted to try our hand at blogging, we decided to go for it!

What is it that keeps you going? What do you enjoy most about doing all of this?

We both really enjoy getting responses from readers- it is satisfying to find and connect with readers or fellow bloggers who might have shared experiences or interests. If we can cause just one person to laugh, or be inspired, or feel like they are less alone because they were able to relate to our stories or perspectives, then we are succeeding.
We are also both creative people, so dreaming up new ideas and content for the blog is fun for both of us. Katie is a talented photographer and Paige loves the writing aspect, and we both enjoy having the freedom to try out different ideas, whether they are designs, photos, projects, recipes, or writing content. We are both addicted to the thrill that comes with creating something new!

FEATURED ENTREPRENEUR: Katie and Paige Kolbrick, the Cocobee Blog Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com

Can you share a struggle you had in the beginning stages? Any struggles currently (either creative or business-wise)?

Jumping into the blogging world has been a learning curve for us. Katie has some previous experience, but we are learning as we go. There have been some minor technical issues with figuring out how to run our website, but mostly it is a learning process. We are both learning how to balance the blog with work for Paige and a photography business for Katie and life for the both of us- but that is the lifelong challenge, right?

What do you hope people will feel/think when they read and interact with your blog?

We want our blog to be easy to interact with, easy to read, and easy to relate to. But we also want to challenge our readers to think about things differently, with a fresh perspective. We want people to think of us, and women in general, as human beings with many facets- we can be young, and mothers, and creative artists, and entrepreneurs, and both flawed and driven. We are opinionated but also compassionate, and we want readers to feel as though they can have a voice on our blog too and share their own perspectives.

FEATURED ENTREPRENEUR: Katie and Paige Kolbrick, the Cocobee Blog Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com
Any advice you can give a fellow blogger and/or entrepreneur to help them find their way? What do you wish you had known earlier on?

To a fellow blogger or entrepreneur, keep in mind that you are your own boss; whether you are doing it alone, or have others to collaborate with, you can always make the decision to change the things that are not working. You will rarely get things right the first time around! Also, reach out and find mentors and role models- people who have been there before. Ask them questions, get advice, and learn from their experiences. Do not be ashamed of your humble beginnings! Everyone starts somewhere.

And, the burning question, how can we stay connected with you? Blog, website, email, social media?

You can visit our website/blog at www.thecocobee.com. We love to hear from readers so don’t be shy! Email us atcocobee@thecocobee.com, find us on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/CocobeeBlog/, follow us on Instagramhttps://instagram.com/thecocobee/ and like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thecocobee. Also, you can check out Katie’s photography at http://www.katiekolbrickphotography.com/. We can’t wait to hear from you!


So good to hear from such kind, humble and creative women!  Thanks for sharing pals!

Go check em’ out!

Talk to you soon friends…

xo Jordan

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