VINTAGE SALE and Soiree!

September 14, 2015

I am proud to say that I am a vendor at Faded Elegance in downtown Snohomish.  Not only is the selection special and varied, but the price points are reasonable and fun to shop!  Kimberly (the owner) does such a wonderful job of mixing old and new, fresh and rusted and picks vendors who do the same…I feel privileged to be selling my wares there.  And the above points make me that much more excited to share what’s happening there THIS WEEKEND!

Sale and Soiree! Found and Forged NW


Each year, Faded Elegance puts on an Anniversary sale in which all the vintage items in the shop (both from FE and all the vendors) are an impressive 20% off.  Boom.  The prices at FE are already the most reasonable on the block (seriously, I’ve compared) and then add in the 20% discount and you’ve got yourself a screamin’ deal!

The sale kicks off THIS Friday night with a glamorous soiree starting at 5pm.  There will be bubbly to sip, noshes to nibble, giveaways to be given away and lots of fun shopping goodness!  Not to be missed.  Grab a pal, get a little dressed up if you like (why the heck not?!) and find a new treasure for your home!  OR, 102 days until Christmas??  I am all for finding a special treasure now (at 20% off) and checking a gift off the list!

If you can’t make the fun this Friday, the sale continues until September 22 (Monday).  After that, the prices go back to normal.  Don’t miss out!

By the way…if you head to the back of the store, you’ll see a set of stairs (by the food table, I know you’ll find it;)…head up the stairs and you will enter right into my space (#17)!

Let me know if you plan on coming!  I’d love to shop with you:)

I will be taking some pics and will post post-sale!

Until then dah-ling…

xo Jordan

Check out more info on Faded Elegance here.


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