REPOST: Katie Kolbrick and The Cocobee Blog Found and Forged NW

REPOST: Katie Kolbrick + The Cocobee Blog

November 24, 2015

If you follow my Instagram at all, you know that I have started selling clothing on an app called Poshmark (there will be a post or two dedicated to this soon, promise).  In honor of all of that fashion in my life right now, I present to you a re-post of one of my favorite blogs and bloggers, Katie Kolbrick of The Cocobee Blog!  Enjoy and be inspired!


Originally published on October 19, 2015


Ladies, I stumbled upon a really cool feature on Instagram and have been dying to share it with someone! This is something I would share with girlfriends if we were out for happy hour. Right now my happy hours are more like witching hours and crying-while-mommy-is-making-dinner-and-not-letting-you-watch-Daniel-Tiger-hours (oh, just me?). So pretend we’re at a wine bar together, sharing an amazing cheese platter and laughing about something fun.

Ok? Ok.

A few weeks ago I tried out one of those giveaway loops on Instagram…you know, the ones where you have to go through and like about twenty different Instagram pages and tag two friends to be entered to win like a bajillion dollars at target (I’m exaggerating). I didn’t win, naturally, but I did end up liking some pretty fun pages that I would have never found otherwise.

When these new pages started popping up on my feed, I noticed a lot of them were fashion related. Given that my current attire is pretty much the same every day (nursing bra, nursing tank, sweater and skinny jeans that are a smidge too tight…goals, people) I really enjoy living vicariously through these fashionable women and daydreaming about all the clothes I might be able to wear once I’m out of the nurse-every-two-hours stage.

I also noticed that several pages included a plug to sign up for “” to get outfit deals. I ignored it for a while but once fall fashion became more relevant I decided to look into this a little more.

Turns out, is a website that helps Instagram followers of these fashionable ladies shop the exact look (or something similar) from photos that are posted. Basically, you sign up for with your Instagram handle, and when you like photos on Instagram that include this website in the caption, you’ll receive an email with links to all the clothing items in that photo.  There’s no pressure to purchase anything, and you can change your email settings to only receive outfit details when you like a photo (rather than other informational emails).


As someone who is constantly daydreaming about my imaginary closet and not very creative when it comes to actually purchasing clothing, this is such a fabulous discovery. The great thing is that most of the clothing items featured (at least with the ladies I follow) are reasonably priced. Sometimes I’ll see the occasional Tory Burch purse or Kate Spade coat float through my inbox (one day, sigh…) but most of the time I’ll get links to things on sale at Nordstrom. If I see something I like but know I can’t purchase yet, I’ll pin it on my style board for later. What a super awesome tool for ladies wanting to keep up on fashion but don’t really have the time to start creating outfits from scratch or bargain hunting!

And no, I’m totally not being paid to say any of this, I just love the feature and feel like every woman on the planet should know this (hence the happy hour/wine bar scenario).

If you’re on Instagram, here are some of my favorite fashionista’s:

(Apologies for the weird crops on some of these.  Please don’t judge my photography skills based on my screenshot abilities.  K, thanks.)

@janet.lowe: Her style is always spot on! I wish I was this put together, but sadly, I'm not. If you're looking for simple and classy, she is definitely one to follow!


@latishaspringer: First off, this gal is gorgeous! Her feed is an awesome combo of fabulous (and sensible) fashion and personal photos with her kids.


@brightonkeller: Every post makes me want to be her best friend, seriously. Her links are always in a good price range, which is a plus. And she's ex-Big 4! So naturally, I want to be her best friend.


@sunsetsandstilletos: First of all, her handle rocks. Secondly, she's an elementary school automatic mad props in my book. Third, love her scarves and boots. Wish I could rock vests like her!


Alright, thanks for letting me share!  What about you?  Are you are Instagram?!  If so, we should totally be connected (you can find us at @thecocobee).  Do you have any favorite fashion bloggers you’d like to share?  We are ALL ears!  Sound off in the comments below, or shoot us an email!

Have an awesome Tuesday,

katie's signoff


As Katie mentioned above, you can connect with them via their blog and/or Instagram!

Such fun ‘grammers to follow!  Thanks Katie!

Have a wonderful Tuesday fellow finders!  Off to thrift a bit myself!

xo Jordan

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