In Progress Found and Forged NW

In Progress

February 10, 2016

Things are a movin’ and a shakin’ over here in Blueberry land!

We decided early on that while we have money set aside, while all of our stuff is sitting conveniently in the barn and while we haven’t quite “settled” yet, we would attempt to get as much done in our home as quickly as possible!

The flooring needed to be attacked first as this would allow us to start moving our furniture into the house.  We started demo there…

In Progress Found and Forged NW

This is after the first layer of vinyl is up.  Then there was plywood, then linoleum (we’re thinking this layer is from the 50’s or 60’s)…

In Progress Found and Forged NW

Once you got underneath the linoleum, we saw a glimpse of the wood!

Alas…with black sticky stuff. Wa wa.

In Progress Found and Forged NW

In one little section, over by the sink, we pulled up the 3rd layer down and found some linoleum said to be from the Depression era. Crazy!

In Progress Found and Forged NW

We then moved onto the hallway.

In Progress Found and Forged NW

Gotta love the brown and darker brown faux wood tiles!

In Progress Found and Forged NW

We were so DEAD tired by this time, I just resorted to pulling nails.  It felt productive and it was really all I could muster.

For sake of honesty, we spent about 2 4-hour long hauls on the flooring in the kitchen/hallway and decided we would pay someone to finish the rest.

It was HARD.

In Progress Found and Forged NW

This is the “office” or more commonly known as “the project room” around here. But, joke’s on us, because just about every room turned out to be a “project”…isn’t that the way?

In Progress Found and Forged NW

In Progress Found and Forged NW

Do you see the sticky, tar stuff? Impossible.


I don’t know why all the pictures of candid working shots are of me – ha! I promise, Luke had more to do with it than the pics show!  Just look at that handsome devil.


We tore the paneling off the walls and found…wait for it…


I think Chip and JoJo just looked up from their farmhouse breakfast table somewhere.

As much as we LOVE the shiplap, after further inspection the boards are really pretty damaged and have no insulation behind them (read: $$$).  So, we decided to cover the walls with drywall and leave one wall as an accent wall of shiplap (the wall Luke is standing by above).

In Progress Found and Forged NW

This is the view looking into the guest bed room.  Surprisingly this room just had carpet over the wood, so it was in good shape!  Still, it was sub floor so needs to be covered or insulated.





The walls have the same shiplap underneath as the “project room”. Still in bad shape, so we are going to leave one wall, restore it and use as an accent wall (probably paint it white because that’s how I roll) and then drywall the rest to keep the elements and bugs out.

Once we started pulling up the flooring, we had a little bit of a rollercoaster moment.  We were so excited to see the original fir flooring underneath LAYERS of sheet vinyl, linoleum, tile and peel and stick pieces…it was there and gorgeous!  And then the bad news, most of the flooring was coated in a sticky, black tar material that would take countless days of endless scraping to remove, probably ruining the wood underneath in the process.  On top of that, we found out the flooring was actuallysub or soft wood flooring (the most bottom layer of the house) not hardwood as we originally thought.  This means we would have needed to spend more money insulating and adding an additional layer underneath the house. A little too much work and moola to make it worth it to us.  Sooo….we decided to cover with new floors.  More on that in the next house post:)

The guest bath flooring also got ripped up.  We are going to take down the wallpaper (we’ll see what’s under there!) and add new sink and toilet.  The clawfoot tub is going to be refinished to it’s original all-white glory!


And lastly, remember this?


We decided to remove the random closet to open up the room…


This is the view from the kitchen and the post is gone. I think we now have the Fixer Upper Trifecta: Shiplap, paint it white and knock out a wall.

Oh, and we bought some french doors.  No seriously, they are in the garage!

We are moving forward and can see potential coming to the surface!

Thanks for following along fellow finders!

xo Jordan


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  • Kim Suver February 10, 2016 at 4:00 PM

    SHIPLAP….FRENCH DOORS….TEARING WALLS DOWN !!!! Oh my!!!! So much fun.

    • Jordan February 18, 2016 at 2:58 PM

      Hi Kim! Oh man, it’s been a blast! A chaotic blast, but a blast! 🙂

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