Repost: Job #7 Found and Forged NW

REPOST: Job #7

February 25, 2016

Whew! What a weekend/week!  My bro and my now-sis got married on Sunday…and what a joyous event it was!

Repost: Job #7 Found and Forged NW

Ah, sigh. They are precious to us and we are so happy for them and proud of the way God was honored during their day.  Now they are tanning in the Bahamas, lucky ducks.

Now I can focus on a little blogging:)

I started this almost 9 months ago. Woot! I am already seeing the organic-ness of it and my life in general, really.

Found and Forged NW was born out of a desire to create a “brand banner” where all of my business and creative ideas could flourish, have space to live and yet still be cohesive.  I have found that my tagline, “thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Pacific Northwest”, can still encompass just about all of my interests! Sweet!

Since I last posted these musing, I have moved to a new city and have begun selling in a new space (Main Street Vintage Home) and have incurred a few more jobs (surprise, surprise).

We will be selling U-pick blueberries come July from our farm, as well as fresh, homegrown flowers from our field.  I have also stopped teaching studio dance for the time being and have been helping to coach a few dance teams in the Vancouver/PDX area. My end goal is to get our barn up and running so I can have a destination shopping venue (blueberries, flowers and vintage. Yes.)

I thought, since I have gained a significant number of new followers since Day 1 here on the blog, I would bring back my original post so that my newest fellow finders could peek into the heart behind FFNW…and where we’re going!



I currently have 6 jobs.  Seriously. I am a dance teacher at two studios, freelance choreographer, part-time travel agent, neck muff seamstress and vintage space purveyor.

I dig it.

I am learning that my life, in its most energetic form, is to balance a fair number of fire-bent irons.  God has graciously provided an abundance of creative juices and I think poured into just one interest, I might find myself squeezed dry.

I am a blessed and grateful woman.  I have the financial freedom and support (love you hubby) to pursue various interests, contribute to my family’s bottom line and go for it passion-wise.  Praise God!  I don’t take it for granted.

I do enjoy varied and numerous creative outlets, but I can look back and see common threads.  I’m a strong believer in my God’s deliberate wiring of my soul.  He has things, good and precious and unique things, in mind for me to do and see and try and attempt.

Dance is one of those common threads.  Perhaps, even more than dance itself, is my enjoyment of choreography and building up of my students.  I see both as a form of beautifying.  I take a mixed group of students and arrange their strengths and “improvement areas” to create the most beautiful pictures and storyline I can.  In essence, taking something, reordering it and creating more beauty.  Beautifying.  The beautifying thread.

My next thread is a prominent one.  Since the dawn of my time I have been selling things.  I distinctly remember a summer day circa 1997, sitting outside the front lawn with a card table covered in expired flower seed packets and ziploc bags of dirt.  I sold each for 50 cents. It’s all about presentation people.

I would also use dance to make money.  At age 10, I created my own dance studio in the living room.  Door to door I went, fliers and class brochures in tow, inviting the neighborhood kids to learn to dance!  And you know what? I had over 12 students the first week.  Their parents just dropped them off, paid the $2 class fee and left…what trust!

I could go on and on.  Idea after idea.  Lemonade stand after lemonade stand.  Craft sales, car washes, backyard carnivals, donation cups taped to front of bedroom door…I was a constant stream of money-making schemes! Oh my dear, sweet parents.  What saints!  They would ride the waves with me and I owe a lot of my fearlessness to Mike and Lael Weiss.  Bringing ideas to profiting fruition has always been a driving force in my life.  The entrepreneurial thread.

In the last five years, since getting married and moving to Seattle, I have found an adult version of my childhood lemonade stands.  I am renting a space from a whimsical and inspiring shop in Snohomish, Faded Elegance. I get 10′ x 15′ all to myself.  It’s my grown-up front yard stand that I get to hunt for, arrange and sell to Snohomish’s faithful patrons  *Sigh* God is good.

Space #17 at Faded Elegance in Snohomish Found and Forged NW thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Although CONSTANTLY changing, my space looked like this at one point.

In addition to my Snoho space, I try to sell my wares at a couple vintage pop up shows a year.  A totally different beast…but a total blast!

A Very Vintage Market booth snapshot Found and Forged NW thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

A Very Vintage Market booth snapshot Found and Forged NW thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

And this blog?  Where I’ve decided to share my thrifted finds, my trial and error acquired knowledge , my home and shop, beautiful spaces and musings on money making?

Well, it seems I’ve happily entered into job # 7.


Thanks for taking a #throwbackthursday with me:)

I’m so glad you are with me in all of the thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship going on these days.

xo Jordan


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