Sip and Shop at the Barn: Winter Edition

November 3, 2016

It’s here!  I get to announce it!!

Sip and Shop Winter

I am giddy to introduce Found and Forged Farm’s first “Sip and Shop” event coming December 10!

It has always been a far-off dream to open up a pop-up shop and share a beautiful, vintage shopping day with my customers and friends.  When we bought our home, the plan was to always fix up the old barn, open up it’s doors and sell my wares.  Honestly, with the extent of work that needed to be done on our own home, we figured this dream would be put on the back burner for a bit.

Alas, Luke said no.  He said, this is your dream and this dream will help our family and our property reach it’s full potential.  Do it now.

God bless him.

So, concrete was poured, furniture was hauled (thank you mom and dad Weiss and Still !!!!), events were planned, treasures were sewn, goodies were collected, signs were made….and all in record time!  Ok, honestly we’re still working on these things…but we’ll get there! 🙂

We are ready to present the barn for the first “Sip and Shop” event in about a month!!

I am partnering with the uber-talented Jena Ralls of Teacup Vintage and The City Hippy Studios to present a barn FULL of treasures big and small…perfect for the season of gifting!

There will be lights twinkling, hot cocoa brewing, music wafting from the rafters and of course…oodles of vintage and handmade goodies!

Join us on December 10 from 9am-4pm for Sip and Shop at the Barn!

*Graphics credit to The City Hippy Studios

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