How to Earn Extra Money Online With Poshmark

April 18, 2017

There are a BAZILLION websites and e-courses and pins and articles and blogs, etc. about earning money online.  No doubt about it.

I am all about multiple income streams and finding ways to contribute to my family’s bottom line without spending more time outside of the home or having a work schedule dictated to me.  I’m a little bit of a free spirit when comes to work.  And that’s one of the many reasons I am so grateful I found, tried and poured energy into Poshmark, one of the best ways I have found to earn extra money online.

Poshmark is an online buy and sell app that allows users to create a “closet” to showcase and sell their own used clothing to other members of the community.  You get exposure for your closet by gathering followers, sharing items to your feed, adding new items and participating in the social community.

Even as I write this, my mind is spinning with HOW MANY rabbit holes I could go down explaining processes and giving helpful Posh tips…mmmm, so much more goodness to come!  For now, I would love to give an overview as to why taking a very low-risk plunge into the world of Poshmark will help you reach your extra income goals.

What is Poshmark?

Posh (as it is lovingly referred to in the Poshmark community), is an app (and website, but all functions are primarily done through the app) that allows you to create an online closet with pictures and descriptions of clothing, shoes and accessories you would like to sell to other users.  Posh now has portals for womens, mens and kids sections!

How do I start?

I would suggest this order:

1. Sign up

If you’d like, you can use code: PATEZ to sign up and create an account.  It is completely free to sign up, so no real risk there.  If you use PATEZ, you get a $5 credit to shop with…so, why not?!

2.  Create a profile

I would prefer to shop out of a store that has a brand and some sort of point of view…so I try to follow the same structure for my closet profile.  People are taking a peek into my “store”, so I want my profile to talk about the me behind the clothing and what they can expect when they shop my closet.

Here’s a snap of my “Meet the Posher” listing:

3. Gather followers PHASE 1

Once you sign up, you have the ability to “follow” other closets.  Much like gaining “friends” on Facebook, your followers are the ones that see your Feed.  In the Posh world, followers are easy to come by if you start following multiple people, the general rule of thumb is that they will follow you back.  Try to get about 1k.  Depending on the amount of time you are willing to put in, try to follow 100 people + per day.

4. Start your closet

Clean out your current home closet.  Anything that is contemporary, in gently used/good condition that you just aren’t feeling anymore?

Take a clean, well-lit picture of the item.  Make sure you show all angles and any flaws.  Describe the item well and with personality.  Use the “Sell” feature on the app to upload photos and describe the item.  List 10 items.

*TIP* When you have exhausted your own closet, start thrifting!  Look for name brand fashion to pick up a low cost and then “flip” it to sell in your Posh closet.  More info on that later too!

5.  Gather followers PHASE 2

Once you have your 10 items in the closet, go for round 2 on the follower train.  Try for another 500 followers.  Simultaneously, you will want to start Sharing.

6.  Share your own closet

Start getting into the habit of “Sharing” your own items 2-3x per day.  Morning, mid-day and night.

Here is a screenshot of a portion of my current closet.  See the “circle of arrows” on the bottom right of each listing?  You would click that and then click “Share to my Followers”.  This will display it on the Feed of all of your current followers.
*TIP* If you are using the app, click on the item, click “Edit” in the top right section, click “Next” and click “List”.  This will add your listing to the “New Listings” Feed AND your followers Feed.  I call it the “triple tap”.  You can read more about it here.

*TIP* In order to make your closet sustainable and selling profitable, you will need to interact in the app by sharing other closets as well.  Start by sharing items from your personal Feed.  Pick a brand and start sharing items from closets with similar brands. Spend a few minutes each day spreading the Posh love!

7.  Price your closet

Lots of info could go into the what and why of this bullet point, but for now I would suggest this.  Come up with an amount that you would feel comfortable receiving for this item. Look up similar items on Poshmark and filter for “Sold” items only to see what similar items are actually selling for.  Once you have that number, add about 15-25% to it and price there.  I have found this allows room for Posh’s cut of 20% (well worth it in my humble opinion) and any lower offers on the item you might receive.

For example, the above “Anthropologie Criss Cross Waist Shirt” I have listed for $25.  I would like to get $15-20 for it in the end.  I price it at $25 so I can easily accept a lower offer, still make my money with the Posh cut and could still drop the price and put my closet on sale to push inventory.

8.  Prepare for a sale

Get notecards to write your buyer a little personal thank you note (Posh encourages this sort of community living:)

Look how cute these are??  ^^^ Good price too.

Order tissue paper, shipping tape and gun, scissors and pens

Order free shipping boxes online from USPS

*TIP* Make sure to order the Mailing Boxes, NOT the Flat Rate Boxes.  Get assorted sizes and have them delivered to your home for free!

9.  Pack item

Make box, place tissue and packaged item inside and include your thank you note!  Posh will email you the shipping label when the sale is made, so simply print it out and tape it to the box.

[Image sourced from Posh blog]

10.  Schedule a package pickup

I can count on my fingers the number of times I have had to physically go to the post office since starting Posh in August 2015.  I just schedule a pick up online here, and then place my items on my porch in the morning. Voila!


Since starting Posh, I have earned over $10k of extra income online.  I don’t do it full time, but have increasingly added to my investment by stocking my closet with thrifted items, friend’s items and continually cleaning out my own closet.  I feel that the time invested correlates with your success on the platform.  Quite honestly, if you are looking a supplemental income stream, are ok with interacting on the app on a regular basis and have an eye for thrifted brand name fashion, I haven’t found anything quite as successful.  I have friends who started earning multiple hundreds of dollars a month in just their first few months on the app.

Like I said before, there are so many different posts that could be done about the ins and outs of Posh…and I look forward to sharing what I have learned!  For now, sign up (use PATEZ) and start listing your own closet at home!  What do you have to lose?

Feel free to check out my Posh closet here.

Let me know below if you sign up (I’ll follow you!) or have any questions!  It’s hard to cover all the bases in one post, but would love to help where I can!

xo Jordan

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