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Meet Jordan Finder behind Found and Forged NW www.foundandforgednw.com thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

I’m so happy to meet you!  My name is Jordan.

I have always been a “possibilities person” with a natural bent for seeing things as they could be in the future.  I see potential in the rusted, the mismatched and the vintage. I enjoy seeing bargains elevated and beautified in homes.

This natural bent coincides with my passion for entrepreneurship.  Why not turn my passions into profit?  Why not share my found treasures and handmade creations with the marketplace and help to beautify the homes of others?

With this blog, I am converging all of these different avenues of potential under one umbrella:

Found and Forged NW

thrifting, beautifying and entrepreneurship

in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

This blog will:

1.  Keep you up to date with my vintage findings and handmade goods (which I sell in our barn at our semi-annual “Sip and Shop” events) and where I am selling next (at vintage markets across the Pacific Northwest).

2.  Share my love for thrifting and using thrifted purchases to beautify your home and increase your reselling profit.

3.  Encourage my fellow entrepreneurs, both experienced and yet to be, with my findings and lessons learned.

And all of this will take place backdropped by the stunning Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer!

Peruse through my thoughts and let me know if I have fellow thrifters, beautifiers and entrepreneurs out there!  See something you like and need it in your home?  Comment or email me and we’ll get you your goodies!

Looking forward to getting to know you better!
xo Jordan


  • Reply Mark Perkins April 20, 2017 at 6:25 PM

    Great idea, lots of us could learn from this

    • Reply Jordan April 24, 2017 at 12:29 PM

      Thanks so much Mark! Glad you got a few tidbits out of it!

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